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3D realization of the H2 Truck Academy

H2 Truck Academy

Hydrogen is a key vector in the current energy transition. It raises many questions for a wide variety of protagonists whilst the associated professions are developing rapidly right across the region. To take up the challenges the sector is facing with regards climate, energy, technology and economics, learner-centred acculturation action is essential.

Energy Observer Foundation’s H2 Tour Academy is travelling the length and breadth of France to raise awareness among target public audiences (the sector’s professionals, security staff, students, etc.) about hydrogen’s value chain and the new skills required to support the development of a booming sector.

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Focus area

2 Raise awareness about hydrogen technologies

Progression of the project



Hydrogen, an atom whose potential is largely unrecognised

The characteristics, potentiality and application of hydrogen is largely unrecognised and misunderstood by the key populations necessary for the development of the sector alongside its protagonists. Moreover, according to the official report from skills-professions of the hydrogen sector – April 2021, the sector gathers together 14 domains of skills and 84 professions, of which 17 are in high demand.

To prepare for the future, it is also essential to raise awareness among secondary school and university students about the new hydrogen-oriented training courses and professions, as well as the various stakeholders who work on a daily basis with the sector’s protagonists (banking, insurance, firefighters and local authorities…). It’s an approach which involves every level of education and every region across France with a view to strengthening the local network of hydrogen-based technologies and skills.

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Conteneur et assistance pour le déplacer


Raising awareness is central to regions

Energy Observer Foundation’s goal is to design a travelling educational platform to get up close and personal with the various public audiences and regions.

This will take the form of a ‘school artic’ aimed at raising awareness and acculturation. Inside, it will house an expedition dedicated to hydrogen, highlighting the different production methods, the end consumer, logistics, transport, distribution and storage.

This device will be rounded off by a timeline detailing the history of hydrogen, based on a model that is similar to the one designed with the ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency) in the Energy Observer exhibition village. A screen room will enable the broadcasting of educational and immersive audio-visual productions.

Interior view of a room with machine and screens
View of a timeline
View of the inside of a truck with a timeline


Getting every audience on board the hydrogen revolution

This venue will also enable the hosting of events and conferences about hydrogen applications that are both stationary (with the emphasis on new electro-hydrogen generators) and mobile (land, air and sea).

Other events will focus on the industrial challenges of decarbonisation of the industry, financing of the sector, the regulatory framework, the role of authorities and security.

The material for these conferences together with the exhibition content will be available in two levels: a more accessible version for those who are only just discovering the topic, the other for engineers and professionals in the energy domain. The exhibition will be in two languages, French and English, so it can travel throughout France and Europe.

Photo from above of the Energy Observer vessel with a vision on solar panels
Meeting room view and timeline
View of the timeline