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"From coal to renewable energies": a report in support of a just energy transition

As part of Energy Observer's 80th stopover in South Africa, our audiovisual production team developed a range of content to better understand the energy crisis shaking the country, and its solutions.

Focus area

1 Act for energy transition

Production against a backdrop of energy tension

Cape Town is entering the winter season against a backdrop of an unprecedented energy crisis. You have to imagine living without electricity to understand their daily lives. The whole city goes dark several hours a day, traffic lights are out of order, street lamps are out, payment terminals are unusable, stores are plunged into darkness.

The whole economy slows down, and it's the residents who suffer every day. Our audiovisual production team travelled to Cape Town ahead of the Energy Observer's stopover to gain a better understanding of the issues at stake and, above all, the possible solutions, which would use a more sustainable energy mix.

To find out more about South Africa's energy transition, read this scientific article, which looks at the subject in greater depth.