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Cycle of conferences on hydrogen

The speakers and the moderator of these conferences participated in face-to-face mode from the Hôtel de l'Industrie place Saint Germain-des-Prés, La Société d'Encouragement pour l'Industrie Nationale, and the offices of Leonard in the 12th district of Paris.

Focus area

2 Raise awareness about hydrogen technologies

The aim of the cycle is to assess the whole hydrogen value chain from production through to mobility and industrial applications, to storage and distribution.

It effectively deals with the subject in terms of its technical and economical dimensions as well as its usage, whilst drawing up an inventory of existing applications and research. It also examines its prospects by addressing what is the subject of debate and what is raising questions today, without losing sight of the goal of building a high-performance, competitive hydrogen sector, at the service of environmental objectives and sovereignty.

On 8 September 2021, Victorien Erussard made his speech about energy transition in the maritime and aviation sectors alongside Christophe Arnold (Airbus) and Eric Delobel (VINCI Airport).

Numerous industrial experts got involved, including: Philippe Boucly (France Hydrogène), Florence Lambert (Genvia), Thierry Lepercq (Soladvent), Olivier Joubert (CNRS), Francois Legalland (CEA), Femin Cuevas (CNRS), Marie Godard-Pithon (VICAT), Bruno Nicolas /Vinci Energies, Gloria Vendrell (Total Energie), Laurent Allidières (Air Liquide), Pascal Baylocq (Géostock), Elise Bon (Vinci Autoroute), Sylvain Hete (Toyota), Stéphane Kaba (Alstom) and Victorien Erussard (Energy Observer).