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The Visiosciences program, for scientific and technical cultural education

Within the framework of our partnership with Universcience, the Visiosciences program allows many schoolchildren to discover the Energy Observer vessel, its crew and its onboard technologies. This remote scientific mediation is a unique opportunity to raise awareness among a young audience about our actions and solutions to accelerate the energy and ecological transition!

Focus area

1 Act for energy transition

Our long-standing partnership with Universcience has led to the development of a series of teaching material presenting the technologies on board Energy Observer, from the different sources of renewable energy to our hydrogen production chain.

This new program allows schoolchildren from various backgrounds to approach science in a more recreational, concrete, and accessible way.

The team on board during visioconferences with schoolchildren

The Visiosciences program

Numerous conferences are scheduled throughout the school year, thanks to the Visiosciences program, for pupils to discover the Energy Observer project.

The first videoconference was an opportunity for a class of 7th graders from Annonay and a class of 9th graders from Limoges to discover the vessel and how she works, as well as our crew, committed to finding concrete solutions daily.

A second conference, organized in June, was the opportunity for the highly motivated schoolchildren to discuss noise pollution in the oceans with our onboard scientist Katia Nicolet, PhD in marine biology.