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At the heart of a scientific awareness program with Universcience

Within the framework of its partnership with Universcience, the Energy Observer Foundation team took part in a scientific awareness program for third-cycle students. The opportunity for the crew to present the vessel, the missions on board but also the role of Energy Observer in a world that keeps fighting against climate change.

Focus area

1 Act for energy transition

The Energy Observer team in videoconference with high school students

Universcience is one of the historical educational partners of the Energy Observer Odyssey. Indeed, it is hand in hand that the teams of the two projects have been collaborating since 2018 to raise awareness of energy-related issues among youth.

It is therefore quite natural that the Universcience teams have proposed to Energy Observer to integrate a brand new program: Visiosciences. Launched in 2022, its objective is to make scientific and technical culture accessible to all by targeting mainly schools in areas far from cultural venues.

The Energy Observer crew in videoconference with school children

That is how three privileged exchanges took place between our crew and two classes of 4th and 3rd grade:

  • A live presentation of our crew, on the vessel while navigating, followed by a question and answer session
  • An exchange between the 4th-grade class and our marine biologist, Katia Nicolet, about noise pollution
  • A conversation between the 9th-grade class and our marine biologist, Katia Nicolet, about noise pollution

These moments of exchange, highly appreciated by our crew, ended at the end of the school year. They will continue this year in 2023 within the scope of a new program entitled "Meet your scientist" where two crew members will be honored: Luc Bourserie, systems engineer, and Beatrice Cordiano, onboard energy scientist.