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Festival Culture Océan at the Climate Academy

This event was organised by the Tara Ocean Foundation and the Climate Academy on Saturday 4th of June 2022. This festival, which proposes a fresh perspective on the Ocean aims above all at underlining the vital link existing between the Ocean and us, beyond the emotional link that unites us to it.
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Organised by the Tara Ocean Foundation in the premises of the Climate Academy, this festival aims to highlight the Ocean’s essential role for our planet. Thanks to numerous meetings with scientists, artists, influencers but also exhibitions and workshops, the public was able to discover from a new angle the Ocean, its mysteries, its benefits, and the stakes it raises for the planet and its inhabitants.

Energy Observer Foundation was present to run four educational workshops on noise pollution and its impact on cetaceans and other marine species. The workshop was based on two separate sessions: listening to natural sounds emitted by marine animals to explain the importance of sound in animal communication, and then listening to exogenous sounds from human activity.

Katia Nicolet, a doctor in marine biology and an expert on board the Energy Observer, raised awareness among participants on the threat posed by man-made noise pollution.

This event is intended for accompanied children aged 8 and above.

You can also find the full event's program below :