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Hydrogen Conference at the Swiss Embassy in France

Victorien Erussard was the guest of honour of the Think Swiss Hydrogen Day, organized by the Swiss Embassy in France, for a conference dedicated to the the hydrogen sector development in France and Switzerland. A great opportunity for Energy Observer Foundation to raise awareness about the potential of hydrogen in the energy transition.
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2 Raise awareness about hydrogen technologies

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Swiss Embassy in France

This event was organized by the Swiss Business Hub and the Economic, Financial and Scientific Section of the Swiss Embassy in France. After a presentation of the hydrogen ecosystem in France, Swiss entrepreneurs were able to meet with representatives of French companies in this sector. This event helped fostering dialogue and setting up partnerships between France and Switzerland, both of which are essential for developing the uses of hydrogen, particularly in the mobility field.

Victorien Erussard's intervention

Victorien Erussard joined a conference that included around three themes: the production of green hydrogen, hydrogen mobility, and hydrogen infrastructures, alongside key speakers from the sector:

  • Philippe Boucly, Chairman of France Hydrogène
  • Bertrand Piccard, CEO of the Solar Impulse Foundation
  • Guillaume Plassier, Project Leader Paris 2024 at Toyota, fleet & Hydrogen

Victorien Erussard during the Hydrogen Conference at the Swiss Embassy in France