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Green hydrogen at the heart of the ‘France 2030’ investment plan

A year after the creation of the hydrogen recovery plan, on 12 October 2021, the President of the French Republic presented ‘France 2030’, a 30-billion Euro investment plan aimed at supporting the country’s transition and industrial competitiveness in strategic sectors.

Focus area

2 Raise awareness about hydrogen technologies

Ten major objectives were presented, one of which was designed to enable France to lead the way in terms of green hydrogen. The announcement on 16 November 2021 of an extra 2-billion Euros to accelerate the French strategy for green hydrogen, brings to 9-billion the sector’s investment plan to decarbonise our industry and our transport and reindustrialise our regions.

As far as hydrogen is concerned, we need to develop our industrial provision and invest heavily in it. All this will enable us to decarbonise our industry and fuel our buses, trains and lorries.

Emmanuel Macron,
President of the French Republic