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Set a date for the One Ocean Summit in 2022

In response to the challenges presented by the preservation of the oceans and the sustainability of the ocean economy, the prospect of a One Ocean Summit, on 11 and 12 February 2022, is truly historic.

Focus area

3 Promote the 17 SDGs

60% of the surface of the oceans does not belong to any jurisdiction, effectively letting certain States destroy biodiversity.

Emmanuel Macron,
President of the French Republic

As the President of the French Republic pointed out at the UICN’s World Conservation Congress, it is our duty to establish an international agenda to preserve this global public asset that is the Ocean.

Powerful initiatives will need to be carried out to avoid any further rises in sea level, melting of the ice cap or the disappearance of biodiversity. Maritime energy transition is totally in keeping with this objective and it will find in Energy Observer a fully committed ambassador.

Bateau naviguant sur une mer turquoise