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Leonard and SOA publish a study on the sustainable blue economy

In a report published last March, Leonard, the VINCI Group's foresight and innovation platform, and SOA (Sustainable Ocean Alliance), the scientific partner of the Energy Observer Foundation, highlight the importance of establishing a blue economy and the potential of the oceans as a vector for accelerating the ecological transition.

Focus area

1 Act for energy transition

Innovative solutions to unlock the full potential of the oceans

At a time when the oceans account for 70% of the earth's surface area, the sustainable blue economy is a sector that holds great promise in the fight against climate change and its many challenges.

The extraordinary, as yet untapped, potential of this sector is demonstrated throughout the sixty pages of this report. The sector, which will represent $3,000 billion a year by 2030 and at least 40 million jobs according to OECD estimates, is in constant development.

This is borne out by the growing number of sustainable blue-economy start-ups highlighted here, whose innovative solutions will enable us to make the most of this formidable resource all around us.

Louis-Noël Viviès, Managing Director of Energy Observer, contributed to this report.