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World Maritime Day: for more sustainable shipping

“Sustainable shipping for a sustainable planet”: with 80% of the global trade being transported by ships, the stakes for 2020 World Maritime Day are high. Nothing less of the survival of our marine ecosystem.

Focus area

1 Act for energy transition

As many ships as fish in the ocean

Our oceans are filling up with ships. Today, the world commercial fleet consists of approximately 95 000 vessels, with a combined weight of 1.92 billion dead-weight tonnage (weight while empty). Dry bulk carriers, which carry iron ore, coal, grain and other cargo, account for the largest share of total tonnage at over 40%.

They are followed by oil tankers at 30% and container ships at 13%. To give an idea of what 1.92 billion tonnes represent, the biomass of all the fish in the ocean is estimated at 2 billion tonnes. And this number is of empty merchandise ships, it does not account for the cargo they carry or all other types of vessels (fishing, military, recreation, tourism etc.).

Real time maritime traffic in the world

The full article can be found on Energy Observer website.