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Raising awareness among schools about tomorrow’s energy systems

Energy Observer Foundation, Universcience as well as Freddy Minc, a physics and chemistry professor, have joined forces to provide teachers and students from primary or elementary school to secondary or high school with special teaching notes detailing how the various technologies work aboard Energy Observer.

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1 Act for energy transition

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What better way to gain an enhanced understanding of renewable energies, hydrogen and the role of a hydrogen cell than diving straight into a practical application! A floating laboratory, which uses all these on-board technologies, is a wonderful opportunity to get to grips with these topics and make them more accessible.

Visite scolaire au village d'exposition d'Energy Observer

Technologies related to the sun, wind, batteries, desalination, electrolysis and fuel cells are explained through 6 sets of special teaching notes aimed at teachers and their students. To facilitate the students’ understanding and fit in around the Academy’s programme, each set of special notes has been broken down into three different school cycles: primary, middle school (11 to 15 yrs) and secondary school.

It is by sharing Energy Observer’s science and innovative technologies with tomorrow’s young people that Universcience and the Energy Observer Foundation’s joint awareness raising mission converges to really drive the message home.

Visuel de la fiche Fiche pédagogique élémentaire batteries Energy Observer universcience